The Qatar National Vision 2030 recognises the great importance that entrepreneurship will play in realising its aims. Encouraging small, innovative firms is a vital part of that plan. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) placed Qatar at the top of its 2018 rankings, and highlights a range of endeavours supporting entrepreneurship in Qatar.

The Qatar Development Bank, in addition to a range of more regular business and financial services, supports citizen projects with finances, but also contributes to their success by reviewing the legal, financial marketing aspects of their ideas. Qatar’s Digital Incubation Center (DIC) is another part of the growing support to innovators. It particularly looks for young entrepreneurs in the early stages of technology-based businesses which would add greater value to Qatar’s growing digital economy. DIC also has offerings beyond those early start-ups, with support for innovators with ideas for solving technology challenges, and they bring all businesses, from small to large, together in their co-working spaces.

The Qatar Business Incubation Center offer business support from starting a company, to accelerating its growth, to help great ideas develop to deliver on their potential. And the Incubation Center at Qatar Science and Technology Park focuses on bolstering local technology entrepreneurship through co-working, business facilitation, and offers a body of mentors t support innovative programs through rounds of funding, training, and facilities to aid with prototyping.