Entrepreneurs need fertile ground in which to plant their burgeoning new businesses. Hub71, a global tech ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, believes the Middle East provides that environment.

As the global digital transformation continues, the Middle East is seen as a leading technology hub, attracting disruptive startups seeking to make a positive difference. The Middle East is also seen as a region that cultivates talent, and is set up to encourage knowledge-based working.

Hub71 is able to offer entrepreneurs vital access to investors, customers and mentors – and market opportunities. Working across a range of sectors and with startups from many countries, Hub 71 has helped business working with artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. These companies are all contributing the future of the UAE.

Across all sectors, one of the most frequently-encountered challenges is that of funding and market access. Hub71’s platform allows companies the opportunity to access to global players such as Microsoft and Mastercard to facilitate the commercialisation of startups’ products and services.

Recent partnerships include one with the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi. This collaboration allowed startups to understand the important challenges currently faced by the healthcare sector, allowing them to share their ideas for technology-driven solutions. A number of accelerator programmes connecting with hospitals, insurance firms, and life science companies.